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RFP Capital Needs Assessment



for Housing and Community Redevelopment Authority of Marlboro County

RFP No.: Issue Date: November 2, 2020
Due Date: December 1, 2020


Request for Proposals - RAD Capital Needs Assessment

The Housing and Community Redevelopment Authority of Marlboro County is seeking quotes from contractors for consulting services to assist in the conversion of Public Housing properties to the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program. HCRAM has recently received CHAPs (Commitments to enter into a Housing Assistance Payment) for the Housing and Community Redevelopment Authority of Marlboro Co., which reflects the total Public Housing portfolio of the agency. The RAD applications for the CHAPs indicated a conversion to Project-Based Vouchers (PBV). HCRAM is planning to convert with current properties intact (straight conversion).

PHA seeks proposals from qualified firms licensed to do business in the State of South Carolina for a Rental Assistance Demonstration Capital Needs Assessment (CNA) with E-Tool and Energy Audit. A CNA is a systematic assessment to determine a property's physical capital needs over the next 20 years based upon the observed current physical conditions of a property. The CNA report provides a year-by-year estimate of capital replacement costs over this 20-year period to be used in planning the reserve account for replacements and other funding to cover these costs.

PHA anticipates selection of a Consultant based on the following schedule:

Date - Action
November 2, 2020 - RFP and SOW issued and available
November 16, 2020 - Final day to submit written questions
November 23, 2020 - Issues responses to questions
December 1, 2020 - Proposals due
December 9, 2020 - Selection of top ranked firm no later than this date

Only written questions (including via email or other) received by PHA on or before Monday November 16, 2020 by 3:00 pm EST will be addressed. Any question or answer that materially impacts information contained in the RFP will be clarified by a written addendum or amendment, and will be sent to all that initially received the RFP.  If an addendum or amendment materially impacts the information in the RFP and there is not enough time for an adequate response, the submission date for proposals will be extended

Authority's Reservation of Rights

  1. The Authority reserves the right to reject any and all proposals, to waive any informalities in the RFP process, or to terminate the RFP process at any time if deemed by the Authority to be in its best interest.
  2. The Authority reserves the right not to award a contract pursuant to this RFP.
  3. The Authority reserves the right to terminate a contract awarded pursuant to this RFP, at any time for its convenience upon ten (10) days written notice to the successful proposer.
  4. The Authority reserves the right to determine the work schedule and locations that the successful proposer shall provide the services described in the RFP.
  5. The Authority reserves the right to retain all proposals submitted and not permit withdrawal for a period of sixty (60) days subsequent to the deadline for receiving proposals without the written consent of the Authority.
  6. The Authority reserves the right to negotiate the fees proposed by the proposer entity as described in this RFP.
  7. The Authority reserves the right to reject and not consider any proposal that does not meet the requirements of this RFP, including, but not necessarily limited to, incomplete proposals and/or proposals offering alternate or non-requested services.
  8. The Authority shall have no obligation to compensate any proposer for any costs incurred in responding to this RFP.
  9. The Authority shall reserve the right to, at any time during the RFP or contract process, prohibit any further participation by a proposer or reject any proposal submitted that does not conform to any of the required details herein.

Scope of Proposal

The chosen firm must generate a written report for the property and E-Tool, in conformance with all of HUD's requirements outlined under the RAD program. The CNA E-Tool contains two major components - the narrative (the description of each component and its condition and may include an energy audit) and the financial model (the 20-year schedule and associated determination of the Initial Deposit to Replacement Reserve, or IDRR, and the Annual Deposit to Replacement Reserve, or ADRR). The reports will include:

  1. Comparison between Traditional and Green Requirements
  2. Energy Audit
  3. Utility Consumption Baseline- No longer required.

PHA will evaluate and score each complete proposal based on the criteria outlined below, with a possible maximum score of one hundred (100) points assigned, subdivided as follows:

Criteria - Points

  • Experience with similar RAD PCA inspections and reports - 30 points
  • Capability to meet the required inspection and report schedule - 20 points
  • Qualifications of firm/staff - 20 points
  • Cost - 20 points
  • Local based firm and inspection staff - 5 points
  • MBE/WBE/DBE firm - 5 points
  • Total - 100 points

Description of Agency and Properties

HCRAM is a Public Housing Authority with 55 conventional public housing units located at in Clio, South Carolina. HCRAM also administers 253 Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers (HCV).

HCRAM was established in 1984 under the provisions of the United States Housing Act of 1937. The agency is governed by a five (5) member Board of Commissioners. Marlboro County Administrator appoints members of the Board.

Conventional public housing units, maps in Attachment A:


AMP 59-1: Clio East Apartments- 55 units

13 one bedrooms, 26 two bedrooms, & 16 three bedrooms
100 Woods Avenue, Clio, SC 29525
Community room, laundry, maintenance garage;


Scope of Work

To provide the PHA with the following items separately and in addition to the services covered by "Services" section of this RFP collectively referred to as "CNA":

  1. RAD Physical Condition Assessment,
  2. Green Physical Condition Assessment
  3. ASHRAE Level 2 Energy Audit
  4. CNA e-Tool
  5. True-Up CNA e-Tool


In addition to required services listed in the MAP Guide Chapter 5, services shall include:

  1. Meet with PHA staff to prepare for capital needs assessments. Review HUD CNA requirements, CNA forms and data to be provided by PHA. Review planned schedule for completing the various components of the CNA.
  2. Conduct each site inspection as required and complete each draft CNA in accordance with HUD requirements.
  3. Submit each draft CNA to the PHA for review and comments. The draft shall include a categorization of immediate needs, needs to be funded in years 2 through 5, and needs to be funded years 6 through 20.
  4. Revise draft CNAs as necessary to gain PHA approval.
  5. Submit CNAs to HUD for review.
  6. Revise submitted CNAs as necessary to gain HUD and PHA approval.
  7. Submit two bound hard copies and one electronic copy of each final CNA to the PHA.

Preferred Qualifications

The Capital Needs Assessor's Qualifications and Assessments must be completed by a qualified, independent third-party professional as required by the MAP Guide Chapter 5.2 B2a and:

  1. Have training and experience to evaluate building systems, health, and safety conditions, and physical and structural conditions, and to provide cost estimates for maintaining, rehabilitating, or improving deficiencies, using both traditional and Green principles. Must also have environmental expertise, as inspection will include environmental issues as well. Must have any required licenses.
  2. Have the designation of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional (LEED AP), in either the United States Green Building Council's LEED New Construction and Major Renovation or the LEED Existing Building Maintenance and Operations examination tracks, or an equivalent designation.
  3. Have completed 10-hours of education in the last calendar year in the areas of Green Building, Sustainability, Energy Efficiency, or Indoor Air Quality.
  4. Have knowledge of the requirements for the "green building" standard, if any, identified by the owner, which may include: Enterprise Green Communities, LEED-H, LEED-H Midrise, LEED-NC, ENERGY STAR New Homes, ENERGY STAR Multifamily High Rise, EarthCraft House, EarthCraft Multifamily, Earth Advantage New Homes, Greenpoint Rated New Home, Greenpoint Rated Existing Home (Whole House or Whole Building label), and the National Green Building Standard (NGBS) or other industry- recognized green building standard deemed acceptable by HUD in its sole discretion. Have acceptably completed written evaluation reports for similar types of multifamily rental housing projects in similar physical condition and age in the subject market or in similar areas, preferably including two (2) or more buildings that were receiving Section 8 or public housing assistance when the report was prepared and anticipated utilizing LIHTC for the renovations.
  5. Have experience completing the RPCA e-Tool and truing up the e-Tool prior to submission. This step involves revisiting the e-Tool financing plan submission, and rectifying construction cost data and hard bids.
  6. Have an acceptable record of performance with HUD. Not be under suspension or debarment by HUD, or involved as a defendant in criminal or civil action with HUD.
  7. Have produced reports that are well regarded in the marketplace in terms of content, timeliness and responsiveness. The contractor should have this personal experience, not just the company.
  8. Have the capacity to complete the project inspection and prepare the report in a time frame acceptable to the Lender/Owner.
  9. Hold State and local license as required.
  10. At least 4 years of experience performing physical property inspections and cost estimations for PHAs for the purposes of RAD transactions; demonstrated knowledge of applicable multifamily building standards and codes; demonstrated knowledge of energy-efficiency practices; and a working knowledge of commonly used computer technology (MS Excel, Access, etc.).


Energy Audit (EA); UCB; and Engineered Utility Allowances:

  1. State and/or local license as required.
  2. Basic knowledge and experience to produce a useful and reliable energy audit pursuant to ASHRAE Level 2 standards.
  3. Certification ("energy auditor," "certified energy auditor," "certified energy manager," "HERS Rater") from a state or national energy auditing certifying agency. Acceptable certifications include those provided by the American Association of Energy Auditors (AEE), the Building Performance Institute (BPI), and the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET).
  4. Demonstrated knowledge of the EPA Energy Star Portfolio Manager System
  5. Demonstrated performance of producing engineered Utility Allowances which have been used to document resident utility reductions.


Submission Requirements

Respondents must submit one (1) Original bound copy of the response to the RFP, and two (2) bound copies of the response and one (1) electronic submission. All materials will become the property of the PHA. Additionally, respondents will be responsible for all costs incurred in preparing a response to this RFP.

All proposals must be received via email no later than 9:00 a.m., December 1, 2020 EST and addressed as follows:

Clamentine V. Elmore, Executive Director & Contracting Officer
Housing and Community Redevelopment Authority of Marlboro County
P.O. Box 969 Florence, SC 29503
843-669-4163 ext. 3180

The above stated deadline is firm as to the date and hour. PHA will treat as ineligible for consideration any submission received after that deadline. PHA may elect to deem a submission non-responsive if the submission fails to comply with specific requirements of this solicitation. Each firm shall carefully review and comply with all instructions provided herein, or provided within any named attachments or addenda.



Proposals should be submitted in the following format, with dividers and include the applicable noted attachments, separating each section:

  1. Letter of Transmittal (TAB 1). A transmittal letter signed by the Contractor authorized to submit the proposal and to make commitments on behalf of the company.
  2. Table of Contents (TAB 2). A table of contents shall be provided that lists each section of the proposal.
  3. Organization History (TAB 3). Give a brief description of the firm and its history.
  4. Qualifications (TAB 4). A description of the firm's qualifications to perform the three-part RPCA with the CNA e-Tool.
  5. Experience (TAB 5). Provide a list of the organizations for which the Contractor has performed RAD relevant work, going back at least 4 years. Particular emphasis should be on contracts with public housing agencies and performance of physical needs assessments within the CNA e-Tool, energy audits for properties of similar character and environmental review. This section will include contact information for reference verification.
    1. Provide a list of clients, including the organization name, contact person, telephone number, and address as well as brief descriptions of the scope of work. (No fewer than three references and no more than five).
  6. Staffing (TAB 6). Provide a list of staff members who will work on this contract, including principals and staff- level personnel, along with qualifications of each.
  7. Evaluation Criteria (TAB 7). Provide any additional information addressing each of the evaluation criteria that is not included in Tabs 1-6.
  8. Pricing (TAB 8). Provide pricing separately for providing the services covered by this RFP:
    1. RAD Physical Condition Assessment,
    2. Green Physical Condition Assessment
    3. ASHRAE Level 2 Energy Audit
    4. CNA e-Tool
    5. True-Up CNA e-Tool

Show each staff member, hours proposed, and hourly rates (fully loaded). Also show material and other costs, including travel, general, administrative, overhead, and profit. Contractor may use a lump sum pricing, however it must separate travel cost. If using a lump sum, please include staff members and proposed hours.

   9. HUD Forms (TAB 9). Each Respondent must complete the Certifications and Representations of Proposers as provided in Exhibit A. Certifications and Representations of Offerors - Non-Construction (HUD-5369-C), Instructions to Offerors Non-Construction (HUD-5369-B), General Conditions for Non-Construction Contract -With or Without Maintenance Work (HUD-5370-C)


Insurance Requirements

Contractors must obtain minimum insurance requirements as follows, and provide evidence of such coverage. General and Automobile Liability policies are to contain, or be endorsed to name Housing and Community Redevelopment Authority of Marlboro County an each properties partnership name as an additional insured.

  1. General Liability: $2,000,000 per occurrence for bodily injury, personal injury and property damage
  2. Automobile Liability: $1,000,000 per accident for bodily injury and property damage
  3. Worker's Compensation insurance as required by the State of South Carolina and Employer's Liability Insurance
  4. Professional Liability (Errors and Omissions): $2,000,000 per occurrence


General Conditions of the RFP

  2. PHA reserves the right to accept or reject any and all proposals submitted, either in whole or part, with or without cause; to waive any informalities of any proposal; to extend, amend or cancel this RFP at any time; and, to make the award in the best interest of PHA.
  3. PHA reserves the right to request additional information, if needed, from prospective contractors.
  4. In the event, that it becomes necessary for PHA to revise any part of this RFP, revisions will be provided in the form of an Addendum to all prospective contractors who picked up or were delivered the initial RFP, providing a name, address, telephone number, fax number and e-mail address have been provided to PHA. PHA may issue and require Respondents to acknowledge addendums to the RFP.
  5. Submissions that are incomplete or not in conformance with the submission requirements may be eliminated from further consideration. Respondents should note carefully the submission requirements.
  6. All proposals submitted in response to this RFP will be considered public information and may be made available to the general public (including news media) unless Confidential and/or Proprietary information is submitted under separate cover and is clearly designated as such.
  7. The Respondent will provide a presentation regarding proposal submitted, if requested to do so by PHA.
  8. Respondents may modify or withdraw a submission prior to the submission deadline by an authorized representative of that organization. All submissions will become the property of PHA after the submission deadline.
  9. The Respondent affirms that he/she is of lawful age and that no person, firm, partnership, or corporation has any interest in this submittal or in the proposed contract.
  10. The Respondent affirms that its proposal is made without any additional understandings or agreements in connection with any other person, firm, partnership or corporation making a submittal for the same purpose and is in all respects fair and without collusion or fraud.
  11. The Respondent has clearly read the provisions, terms and conditions of the RFP document and does hereby agree to be bound thereby.
  12. PHA retains the right to negotiate with the selected firm(s).
  13. Additional services and/or service adjustments may be added or deleted during the life of any contract awarded hereunder as mutually agreed upon in writing between PHA and respondent.
  14. Respondent must meet PHA's insurance requirements as requested by PHA.
  15. The respondent will not offer any gratuity, favor or anything of monetary value to any officials or employee of PHA, for the purpose of influencing consideration of a response to this RFP.
  16. PHA reserves the right to disqualify any submission that may present a conflict of interest between PHA, its employees or Board members, Respondent or parties identified in the submission.


Contract Award

Subject to the rights reserved in the RFP, PHA will award a contract by written notice to the selected Respondent. The award of a contract is subject to the approval of the PHA Board of Commissioners and/or PHA Executive Director, and it shall be conditioned on the successful negotiation of revisions, if any, to the RFP, recommended as part of the evaluation of proposals. A contract shall be awarded in accordance with the terms and conditions of the RFP to the Respondent whose proposal is most advantageous to PHA considering price, qualifications, technical and other factors as specified in this RFP. PHA reserves the right to negotiate and award any element of this RFP, to reject any or all proposals or to waive any minor irregularities or technicalities in RFP received as in the best interest of PHA.


Acceptance of RFP and Contract Terms

Respondent's submission of a proposal in response to the RFP shall constitute acceptance by the Respondent of the terms and conditions of this RFP. In the event, that the Respondent's proposal is accepted for contract award, the Respondent agrees to enter into a negotiated contract with PHA at a later date and time.


Federal Wage Guidelines

Funds used for this project are derived from federal funds. Certain regulatory requirements will be included in the contract, including but not limited to Federal Wage Guidelines.



Site Maps

Attachment A - Site Maps