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HCV/Section 8

Housing Authority of Florence

2640 West Palmetto Street Florence, SC 29501
Phone: 843-669-4163

Housing Choice Voucher Program Staff:

HCVP Reception Debra Nelson Extension 3020
MTW/HCVP Supervisor Gernard Smalls Extension 3250
HCVP Specialist Tammy Mack-Edge Extension 3060
HCVP Specialist Ernice Galashaw Extension 3360
HCVP Specialist Jamilla Johnson Extension 3370
EHCV/VASH Erynn Delancy Extension 3030
HCV Inspector Cedrick Pinder Extension 3260






Housing & Community Redevelopment Authority of Marlboro serving Dillon

100 Woods Avenue, Clio SC 29525
Phone 843-586-2674

If your last name begins with the following letter, your case manager is:

HCVP Specialist Tarsha Clark Extension 1403

Housing Authority of Cheraw
100 Woods Avenue, Clio SC 29525
Phone 843-586-2674

Case Manager: 
Tarsha Clark, Extension 1403

Do you need an appointment to see your case manager?

YES. If you plan to see your case manager about any matters other than reporting a change in household income or composition, then you will need to contact your case manager and make an appointment.

Office days and hours to report changes in household income and composition

Tuesday  8am-12pm or 1pm-5pm
Thursday   8am-12pm or 1pm-5pm
Monday, Wednesday, & Friday  Closed
*NOTE- Requesting copies of information from your file must be made at least 24 hours In advance. Copies cost $.25 per page.


When do I need to report a change in income?

You need to report all changes in income, decreases or increases, within 14 days from the date of change. You must report these changes in writing. Failure to report changes within 14 days will result in money owed back to the housing agency, along with possible termination of assistance.

What do you need to bring if you have a change in income?
If you have any letters or statements concerning your change in income, then bring that with you when you report your change. If you do not have anything in writing to verify the change, then come in and report your change anyway and your case manager will try to obtain the necessary information needed for verification.

Who is responsible to report the family income?
You are, the Head of Household. If the income has changed for you, your spouse, or any adult 18 years of age or older, it is the responsibility of the head of household to make sure the person who has the change reports it to their Section 8 case manager.

Can I move from my unit at any time?
You are committed to residing in your unit for a minimum of one year. After the one year expires, you are free to move under the following circumstances:

1) you are not breaking a contract with your current landlord, 2) no monies owed to your current landlord, 3) no monies owed to the housing authority, 4) you are not under termination of tenancy or eviction with your landlord, 5) give a proper 30 days notice to your landlord and the housing author­ity, and 6) schedule an appointment to attend a voucher briefing class to move.