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Funding Availability


The funding under the consolidated ACC must be sufficient to support families in the Housing Choice Voucher Program. If there is a funding shortfall, the Housing Authority may take the following action(s):

  • Vouchers issued, but not utilized may be rescinded
  • Reduction in voucher size
  • Reduction in Payment Standard
  • Families will be chosen to be terminated; with the exception of elderly or disabled  families, based on a first in (families under assistance the longest amount of time), first  out basis. In the event participants are terminated due to insufficient funding to support  continued assistance and funding is made available to reinstate families, the PHA will  contact the families by mail based on a last out, first in basis before housing applicants  from the waiting list as long as the time out has not exceeded a 90 day period.
  • A PHA may deny a request to move to a higher cost unit within the PHA's jurisdiction or  to higher cost area in accordance with 24 CFR 982.314(e)(1) if the PHA would be unable to avoid terminations of Housing Choice Voucher assistance for current participants during the calendar year in order to remain within its budgetary allocation (including any available HAP reserves} for HAP. Families denied a move to a higher cost unit due to lack of funding will be notified in a letter that the request will remain open for consideration for 90 days should funds become available.
  • In the event portable transfers are denied due to insufficient funding the PHA will contact the participant family by mail that the request to port will remain open for consideration for 90 days should funding be made available to allow the portability or another PHA is willing to absorb the family.