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Program Participant Obligations

(1) Supply the certification, release of  information, or other documentation which the HA or HUD determines to be necessary, including submission of required documents required for initial, interim or annual reexamination of family income and composition (includes submission of required evidence of citizenship or eligible immigration status).

(2) Attend all scheduled appointments; only one re-scheduled appointment will be allowed in case of emergency.

(3) All income, including income increases must be reported in writing to the Housing Authority within 14 days from the date of change.

(4) Allow The HA or Landlord/Owner to inspect the dwelling unit at reasonable times and after reasonable notice, except in case of emergency.

(5) Notify the HA in writing with a thirty (30) day notice before vacating the dwelling unit.

(6) Use the dwelling unit solely for residence by the family as the family's only residence.

(7) Comply with the term of the lease agreement.

(8) Maintain the unit to prevent any family caused Housing Quality Standards failure (including continuous utility services, provision of and maintenance to any appliances that the owner does not or is not required to provide).

(9) Pay for any damage to the unit that is caused by the tenant, family, guests or visitors.

(10) The tenant family is responsible for the conduct and/or actions of their family members, guests and visitors.

(11) The family cannot own nor have any interest in the dwelling.

(12) Refrain from committing any fraud relating to the HCV Program or other Federal, State or  local programs.

(13) Refrain from receiving assistance under the HCV Program while occupying or receiving assistance for occupancy of any other unit assisted under any subsidized housing program.

(14) Refrain from assigning the lease or transferring the unit by any means.

(15) Refrain from engaging in drug/substance abuse-related or criminal activity including any activity by any family member or guest on or off the premises.

(16) Not allowing any individuals not authorized by the HA to live in the unit. Guests or visitors may only be permitted to visit with the family for not more than fourteen (14) days per calendar year, subject to notification to the HA.

(17) Refrain from damaging or defacing the subsidized unit in any manner.

(18) Refrain from activity on the part of any member of the family, guests or visitors that would disturb any neighbor's peaceful enjoyment of their own accommodations.

(19) Disclose and verify social security numbers and must sign and submit consent form for obtaining information in accordance with 24 CFR part 760 and 24 CFR part 813.

(20) Allow the HA or owner to inspect the unit after reasonable times and after reasonable notice.

(21) Provide the HA a copy of any owner eviction notice,

(22) Notify the HA of any absence from the unit and supply information/certification requested by the HA to verify that the family is living in the unit, or relating to family's absence from the unit.

(23) Disclose any increase, decrease or changes in family size and composition within 14 days-any additions other than by birth, MUST be approved by the HA prior to the individual moving into the unit.

(24) Move according to program requirement when notified by the HA. If the family refuses to move when notified, the HA will terminate the housing assistance.