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Unit Size You Qualify For

 A voucher will be issued for the smallest unit size based on the number of persons in the family. The Housing Authority will make every attempt based on funding availability, to assign persons of opposite sex (other than husband and wife) separate bedrooms, to not require children to share a bedroom with a parent except for small children under five years of age and in certain circumstances, exceptions to these standards can be allowed.

How Your Housing Assistance Payment Is Determined
The Housing Authority will determine your annual adjusted income. Your portion of rent is 30% to 40% of your annual adjusted income less the utility allowance set by the HA. Based on income, some families must pay a minimum rent amount and/or some families may receive a portion of their utility allowance.

Information That Will Be Provided to Landlords 
The HA must indicate to a potential Landlord, information that the HA has as to your current and previous address and Landlord. Any previous tenancy history known, and any knowledge of drug related or criminal activity by any member of your family.

Informal Review or Hearing 
Under certain conditions involving ineligibility or terminations of housing assistance, you may have the right to an informal review or hearing. Written notices will be sent by the HA to persons in such circumstances and the notice will indicate whether there is any right to a review or hearing and will indicate the time in which a hearing/review must be requested. For further information pertaining to a informal review or hearing, please see the HCV Administrative Plan in the Housing Authority office.