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Housing Authority of Cheraw

The Housing Authority of Cheraw was created pursuant to the authority of the United Stated Housing Act of 1937 and the Constitution and statues of the State of South Carolina, Codes of Law, and was organized on May 14, 1968. 

We are the “Housing Agency” for the Town of Cheraw – charged with providing decent, safe, sanitary and affordable housing to our low-income citizens – with financial aid primarily from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. 

Governed by Federal, State and local laws, ordinances and regulations, this Agency is administered by a Board of Commissioners appointed by the Mayor and City Council. 

The Board of Commissioners is comprised of five persons designated to govern the Housing Authority.  Their purpose is to adopt the policies, act on financial matters of the Authority and provide direction and guidance to the Executive Director. 

Our first board was appointed to serve effective May 14, 1968 and was as follows:

          R. L. McPherson, Chairman
          Rev. Fred Harris
          Rev. Charles Talley
          Edward Sweatt
          Mrs. John Justice, Sr.

During the time from our inception in 1968 until February 11, 1980, details are limited due to a fire destroying document files.  Since, February 11, 1980, we have been managed by the Housing Authority of Florence through a Management Agreement.  Since 1980, we have had only four which includes our present Executive Director, Mrs. Clamentine V. Elmore. 

Currently, we own/manage
          230 public housing units
          180 HCV
          28 Section 8 New Construction

Manage property throughout the Town of Cheraw/Town of Chesterfield/Chesterfield County.

The primary goals and objectives of the Board,  the Executive Director and staff are to establish and preserve a suitable living environment for persons of low income in the Cheraw/Chesterfield area, and other areas into which it may be invited to operate, by providing and by assisting in the provision of a variety of safe, decent and affordable housing opportunities; To promote and encourage, through education and other forms of constructive assistance, self-help programs which will assist in the development of resident self-sufficiency; To improve the safety, health, morals and welfare of the community by undertaking and promoting and cooperating with private developers and other governmental entities in the development of appropriate projects.  Unlike a manufacturing firm or a commercial business, our “product” cannot be measured in price or quantity.  Quality is the sole measurable ingredient in Public Housing and “service” is our yardstick.  We must be responsive to our residents’ needs, diligent in our maintenance efforts and, above all, humane in our relationship with everyone.

You now have insight to the Housing Authority.  Our job is not an easy one.  In order for us to have any success at all, we must be able to envision the “whole picture.”  Cooperation, planning, and above all, common sense are the factors that will determine the degree of success we enjoy.  We must not only be professional in our work, but humane as well.

Dizzy Gillespie, born in Cheraw, SC, Died January 6, 1993, englewood, New Jersey, Jazz trumpeter, composer, and bandleader who was one of the seminal figures of the bebop movement

Dizzy Gillespie, born in Cheraw, South Carolina... died January 6, 1993, Englewood, New Jersey. Jazz trumpeter, composer, and bandleader who was one of the seminal figures of the bebop movement.